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Originally Posted by Doppler Drift View Post
Didn't say anything of the sort. You used to be a good poster, now you just try and start fights. It is rather sad. You are doing the same sad routine that others are doing to Gagner. Wild, hyperbolic statements, with tenuous at best factual basis, cherry picking of stats, etc only to get a rise out of others. Or to defend their own favorite player.

I'm out. HF oil has descended into a playground pissing match.
Well, fair enough, I agree that hf has descended into something. But I don't think I've attacked anybody, or been just trying to pick fights get a rise out of others. As always I'm interested in the discussion. Which I thought I kept civil. The team, it seems, is impacting my posting here, as it is many others I suspect.

I'm frustrated with the players on this club. Or the coach, or..

its become a negative environment, I don't exist here in a vacuum.

When I see frustration here I for the most part try to look at it as frustration regarding the club. Which it is.

Probably time for all of us to take a break but I don't seem to possess the self discipline.

In anycase I've always enjoyed your posting

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