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02-28-2014, 11:44 AM
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So lets consider this a bit.

Eakins spends a couple weeks scheming up systems, strategies, has the boys pull up chairs, hands out cokes, has the boys watch TC play perfect hockey going

"see boys that's the way to play hockey D first, remember D first"

FF to first game back against the wild at home and Eakins tinkered lines into 3 first pick kids playing together(won't that be fun) and a second line that is a complete defensive ****ing joke.

Not only that but by putting 3 wonderkids in one basket not only makes it easy for Minny to key on them but Eakins actually (once again) allows Minny to get their match with the Oilers topline being owned on the night. -2 and shutout.

KTFO in 2mins of first round.

Eakins puts a line together of kids that are chomping at the bit and within two minutes its Euthanasia. Game over.

These line configurations alone lost us the game before the puck was dropped.

Eakins put 2 lines together that he thought would be offensively oriented, (after strangely watching TC and saying D rules) and the topsix proceeds to get shut out and beatdown. **** this guy is an idiot.

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