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02-28-2014, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by oiLowe View Post
I question how times you have actually watched him.

He is so similar to Nuge it's scary. They play very much the same game. Both more perimeter players with great vision. Like Nuge, he is great at winnig puck battles at the CHL level but will need years to bulk up in order to compete against men. They are basically the exact same size and play the same position....

To question his offence is also curious as he has outpaced Nuge at the same age. Albeit with more CHL experience.
I would say i've seen Reinhart about 10 times and Nuge well more than that in his junior days.
They play a cerebral game but they go about it in different ways. Reinhart was much more advanced with his defensive game than Nuge was at the same age but not quite as dynamic offensively (i'm talking beyond the numbers and more based on the eye test). Also, Reinhart uses the middle of the ice more than Nuge does and has a more solid frame without a doubt.
Their skating styles are also very different. Nuge hunches over while Reinhart is upright and Nuge is a superior overall skater, especially with his edgework.

The consensus going into this season was that Reinhart was a very solid 2 way player but the scouts somewhat questioned his offensive peak. Nuge was always considered an elite level offensive player who would have struggles in other areas of his game due to his slight frame.
I don't really see the similarities tbh.
It's like comparing Datsyuk to Toews.

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