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02-28-2014, 04:28 PM
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Last round:
2014-03-04 19:00 IF Malmö Redhawks Timrå IK - Important game for Timrå. They need to win while Mora loses two or more points to reach the Playoff to Kvalserien.
2014-03-04 19:00 Karlskrona HK IF Björklöven - Not really some importance here. Karlskrona can secure the 5th place and get more extra points in the Playoff.
2014-03-04 19:00 IK Oskarshamn Mora IK - Important game for Mora. They need to get two or more points, or Timrå losing, to secure the Playoff spot. If Rögle's losing while Mora wins, they'll be at 6th place getting one more point for the Playoff.
2014-03-04 19:00 Asplöven HC Södertälje SK - No importance at all, neither Asplöven nor Södertälje has something to play for.
2014-03-04 19:00 Rögle BK Djurgårdens IF - Important game for Djurgården. Djurgården needs two or more points, as long as BIK Karlskoga is winning, to secure the 3rd place, which gives a direct spot in Kvalserien. Rögle needs one point to secure the 6th place, earning more extra points in the Playoff, or winning by three points while Karlskrona is losing at full time to reach 5th place.
2014-03-04 19:00 IF Troja/Ljungby BIK Karlskoga - Important game for Karlskoga. They need two points while Djurgården is losing at full time, or three points while Djurgården loses in Overtime/Shootout.
2014-03-04 19:00 VIK Västerås HK Almtuna IS - No importance at all. Västerås already has the 2nd place and Almtuna has nothing to play for.

The Playoff:

4th placed team - 4 points
5th placed team - 3 points
6th placed team - 2 points
7th placed team - 1 point

All team plays each other twice, one home and one away, for a total of 6 points. The best placed team after 6 rounds will be the last team in Kvalserien.


IF Malmö Redhawks
VIK Västerås HK
Djurgården/BIK Karlskoga
Playoff team

10 rounds, each team plays the others twice, once home and once away. The two best placed teams after 10 rounds gets promoted to SHL for next season. No extra points given in Kvalserien.

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