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Originally Posted by Bushwick Bill View Post
Not exactly, it has a lot more to do with poor drafting and management decisions.

Failing at the draft and only developing one legit defenseman in Petry from 03-08 has really set us back.

Having nothing to show for legit top four defenseman in Souray, Pitkanen, and Visnosky has really set us back.

Failing to recognize what we had in big bodied forwards like Glencross and Brodziak who turned into top 9 forwards who make a living playing hard minutes set us back.

Thinking players like Gagner, Hemsky, and Horcoff were apart of the solution and not apart of the problem set us back.

Having the mindset that all we had to do was draft high end prospects and that would be enough to carry us to the top because of what Pittsburgh and Chicago accomplished with players like Crosby, Malkin, Toews, and Kane at the focal point set us back

That's the reason we are in the position we are now. Hindsight is always 20/20 though.
The problem is we were never in a good position to draft a Doughty or someone of his calibre. Yes the scouting sucked but we could never draft a sure thing.

As for the other legit top 4, Souray basically made his value nothing by being a spoiled brat. Pitkanen turned into Cole who turned into... nothing. I don't even remember what happened to Visnovsky.

Lowe is to blame for Glencross (but we don't know the whole story. Could be he just never wanted to sign here) and Tambo is to blame for Brodziak (who Wild fans complain about).

The funny thing is when Gagner was a rookie and Hemsky/Horcoff were major contributors is the last time this team even sniffed a playoff spot. The "new" kids haven't gotten us close.

But the point I was making was that we kept chasing whales who had no interest in being here, so there were never any solid vets to begin with. Only croc tears Smyth, broken Horcoff, and a mostly ineffective Hemsky.

And unlike the Sabres we have NOTHING of value to offer anyone. We are so screwed.

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