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02-28-2014, 08:36 PM
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Off to the skate shop....

So I went skate hunting. I didn't buy anything today as I'm still honing in on what fits best. What I did discover was that the RBZ felt weird and not as comfortable as I imagined they'd be. Maybe a baking might help, but if they still felt odd then I'd be stuck with them.

I then tried the Bauers. First the One.6's, then the One.7's. They felt nice. The EE's for both fit we'll, 2 sizes smaller than my shoe size- that threw me. But whatever- fit and comfort are paramount. With the D I had several pressure points (front sides of my foot) that reminded me of my Micro Mega 10-90's. Yes, it's been a long time since I've bought new skates. What a difference 20 years makes! So the One.x's were pretty good.

Then the sales guy suggested I try the Nexus series. He brought out a pair of 400's. Wow, they felt fabulous. Better fit than the One.x's- what I noticed was the fact that there was some unique structure in the ankle area that appeared to lock me in more. Nice feel overall. The only problem was the sizing. These were 9.5D. Yes, the Nexus runs wider which in my case meant a great feel/fit. That said, my toe was brushing up against the front a bit much for me. So I need another 1/2 size up. They've contacted another one of their stores and are bringing in a 10D and 10EE. I hope one of these does the truck. I'm pretty psyched!

So, hopefully this is my last question for folks: I've read that Bauer does not consider/recommend that the 400 skates be baked. True or false? This guy Jeremiah at wrote, "Bauer does not consider the Nexus 400 to be a thermo-formable skate. Baking the Nexus 400 Skates will probably soften the boot a little, but it really shouldn't be necessary because the boots are soft enough to break in within a matter of just a few hours of skating". Anyone agree with this or not? This guy goes on to say that the Nexus 600 skates are thermo-formable and can be baked.

Thoughts? Am I looking at damaging the 400's if they are baked? Maybe I should error on the cautious side and consider the 600's. They're only a few dollars more.

Anyhow, thanks again in advance for helping me through this maze....take care.

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