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02-15-2007, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by hatrik22 View Post
I just got some new Bauer XXX gloves. My old gloves had the palms completely worn out, but i felt i could get a good grip on my stick. These new gloves are really slick on the palms, my bottom hand is constantly sliding around. Its really annoying, i almost want to just cut the palms out.

Any ideas on what i can do? Id rather not have to tape my whole stick.
What i do to prevent the sliding is take the buttend of a stick that i have cut off.Then i just taped that whole buttend from top to bottom (i tape it around 3 times).Then i just rub that taped buttend up and down my shaft , sometimes it needs alittle pressure.Your shaft with become somewhat sticky, but it lasts alot longer then wax.Alot of pros do it , u may have notice blacks marks down their shaft at times.You can use either black ot white tape they both work well.If you dont want marks on your stick then use the white tape.

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