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Originally Posted by WarriorofTime View Post
Actually, they were pretty darn dominant, show a little respect. So much that Canada had to make up a little exhibition tournament called the "Canada Cup" as a way to counteract that.

If you want proof of how good the Soviet system was, see the Russian invasion of the NHL in the 1990s when the iron curtain fell. It was only once far enough removed from that Soviet system that Russia really declined as a hockey power.

Note that this isn't some way of proclaiming that Canada wasn't also awesome. So don't get all insecure Canadians. Canada #1!!! We get it..

The fact that Russia was competitive with Canada in the "Canada Cup" speaks volumes about how strong the Soviet system was.
If you're trying to come up with tournaments as a gauge for Soviet dominance, how about you don't choose the one where they lost 4 out 5? A winning percentage of .200 is far from dominant. In 5 Canada Cups, the Soviets have a record of 18-10-4, while the Canadians have a record of 28-5-6.

As for respect, I'll never respect the Soviets because almost all of their wins are tainted by the fact that they faced next to zero legitimate competition by masquerading their pros as amateurs.

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