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Originally Posted by TonsofPuppies View Post
I don't think you're paying attention. It's impossible to lose and be dominant. They are opposites. If you lose a tournament, you didn't dominate it. The only tournaments that the Soviets "dominated" were ones where the only team capable of giving them an actual challenge was out at an insurmountable disadvantage. This really isn't hard to understand. Again, if I were you, I'd start here.
They were dominant in the tournament they cared about and competitive in the obviously biased exhibitions Canada put on to display their awesomeness. Get it?

You started this all with your whole "The Soviets were an embarrassment to the sport by proclaiming themselves to be some sort of hockey gods, knowing full well that they were facing nothing but inferior competition by cheating the system. And the current Russian national team is carrying on that embarrassment to this day with their pathetic showings at best-on-best competitions. 1981 and counting." flame. I mean, an embarrassment, really? You should learn how to show some respect, kid.

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