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Originally Posted by WarriorofTime View Post
Keep mowing down them straw men. All I said is that was what the Soviets cared most about winning, and they were dominant in that regard. If you don't think it "counts" or whatever then fine. Doesn't change the fact that the Soviet Union dominated the Olympics and World Championships.

Don't make stupid statements about the Soviets being an "embarrassment".
The Soviets were an embarrassment. They were world-class players, no question. But by masquerading themselves as amateurs, winning a bunch of tournaments against scrubs from every other country and acting as though it was some sort of amazing feat, it lacks nobility and sportsmanship. That's something I won't ever respect.

If Hockey Canada managed to pull the top 25 Canadian players in the world out of the NHL, had them practice together year round, then put them into a tournament with a few run of the mill Spengler Cup teams, a few decent AHL teams and a couple of top level CHL teams, where they won the tournament convincingly, do you think anyone in this country would consider that a crowning achievement?

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