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Originally Posted by Zine View Post
You should study your history.

The Soviets were no different than other European countries. For most of USSR's hockey existence, all European countries defined themselves as amateurs. The notion of 'Amateurism' was ingrained in European sport; and not only in hockey.
Not even touching canadians and americans, it was as early as the early seventies when aforemost many swedish players made the jump to the NHL and WHA and therefore did not have the same possibilities to join the WHC, and definately not the OG. Within a couple of years we had a full team over there. Obviously the Stastny brothers and a bunch of others went not too long after as well, and even Finns might i add since they at least had a number of players unavailable over there. To claim that it was mostly a referee problem in the Canada Cups is speculation at best, especially considering the soviets chemistry.

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