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Originally Posted by Patchy View Post
This is the most sad, pathetic, delusion and biased thing I have ever read on a sports internet board that I actually started laughing.

It's like you totally believe that Soviet should have had the exact same culture and views as Canada and that Stanley Cup and your Canada Cup were their biggest goals. Disregarding every fact that, you know, not everybody share the same culture as Canada when it comes to ice hockey?

Like honestly believing that for a Spanish kid growing up his biggest goal in life should be to win the Premier League and if he goes to Real Madrid and wins titles there and celebrates he is an embarrassment and lack sportmanship.

It has nothing to do with culture. The Canada Cup would likely have never even come into existence had Canada actually had a level playing field with the Soviets from the beginning. Chest thumping over beating a bunch of no-name scrub hockey teams while your only true competitor isn't allowed to actually compete is nothing to be proud of. That's the point. Clearly you missed it.

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