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Originally Posted by decma View Post
Arcobello 20%, RNH 14%.

That makes a total of about 87% with the primary Cs. The rest is a combination of time with Hall at C (early season, total 3%), Action, Lander, or 4 on 4 time.

Are there other sites out there that report this stuff?
Yeah "left wing lock" for one, several others that have had the stats.

As I stated the numbers always look odd, understated, and not at all what one would expect from observing.

For instance Left Wing Lock quotes 10.36% being the time this season that Nuge, Hall, Eberle line is on the ice, together, as a proportion of EV minutes of the club. Which is absolute *********.

Any fan watching the Oilers knows Eakins is throwing this line out there 20mins/game EV on a lot of nights and that if theres any line in Edmonton that has been stable its that one.

I have a real hard time believing these numbers and I don't know why they are so often off of being standardized to 1005 but I suspect fairly poor input data and with missing blocks of non data occurring.
Also as stated I suspect the numbers are one thing and being mistakenly called another. I do again think the numbers are referencing proportion of total toi (i.e. 60mins) rather than just EV. In other words a data mess.

If the information was better I would pay more attention to it.

I do thank you for the discussion and input.

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