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Originally Posted by Red Deer Rebel View Post
I don't think so.

The NHL keeps official time-on-ice numbers in the form of official shift charts. 5 statisticians compile this data in real time at every game.

Here is the reference to the TOI Shift Report for the last game:

Third party websites probably compile this data and produce different reports from it. Since this is likely done with a script, the accuracy of which has been checked several times during development, it is safe to conclude the data you are dismissing is quite accurate.

If you wish to challenge the accuracy of it, it wouldn't be hard to do. Find a game where the official Report differs from the report of the 3rd party website ...
I've found it several times.

I've also found instances of games completely disregarded in the dataset. For instance when I informed that Behind the Net stats completely missed a game where our topline was -3 last season. ftr 3 Oiler games after were played and updated on the site. I specifically waited to see if they would catch their mistake. They didn't until it was reported. Causes me not to trust the accuracy of the data too much.

The third party sites are hit and miss.

They apparently don't need to be better either. People already take this data as if it was gospel. But without rigorous evaluation of how accurate the data is.

plus even with statisticians keeping complete data so what. This is a league that has a team playing 6 forwards for 20secs before any official even notices it on ice and after half a dozen players are pointing it out. Hell I've noticed almost entire shifts with too many men that went undetected. This is hockey, guys are flying on and off the ice all the time. Theres going to be so much error in the stats pretty much as a rule. Its real hard to mathematically quantify hockey. Especially line config data.

I think theres a lot more noise in line config stats than is acknowledged.

I think we might like to think that the NHL stats are really perfectly tabulated but I really don't think so. This is a league that puts out real time stats that are so off what game observations are its incredible. I've seen players make half a dozen bone crushing hits in a game and be awarded 2 hits. I've seen the converse as well where a guy through a few taps gets 6hits.

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