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02-15-2007, 01:47 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Jackson Ranger View Post
Add me to the list. My favorite fight he had was Hospodar down in Philly during the playoffs. Hospodar is killing McPhee early in the fight and all of sudden you see McPhee landing clean punches and the next thing you know, Hospodar is telling the linesmen to break it up. And I think Chadwick's line was something like, "George McPhee will not take a backseat to Eddy Hospodar". It was great!

The next game Hospodar takes a run at Barry Beck after the whistle to get him to go. Beck just smiled and said, F... Y.., F... Y.., I'll let George kick your a..! Hospodar didn't have a reply.

That was one of the first times as a Ranger fan, that I could say they had tougher guys than the Flyers.
I remember that too...

The problem was Beck did way too much talking and much too little on the physical side,,,He really had no grounds to talk...McPhee, otoh, would take on anybody at anytime..

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