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02-03-2004, 05:57 PM
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Great points gkj. I wonder about the rumour mill. Not the credibilty of our posters but whether or not Camms were getting a swelled head or not. If he were, then of course, as a young lad who were producing, I would imagine that our coach would have a thick enoug skin to work him through it. Same as Gleason or anyone else. Having attitude is part of being a young man. What you do with it is what matters. Could it be any worse than Avery's? (or any other young players like that) I have to wonder.

I do think that DT could or might simply be having a look to see what is worth moving or not. It got me to thinking. What will our team look like without the Allison/Deader/Lappy/Luc/Stumpel/Lappy and possibly Modry/Ziggy (please not ziggy) in a year or two.

Frolov/Camms/Barney (not a bad one)
Pushkaryev/Hogeboom(aulin)/Ziggy (could be brilliant)
Kanko/Steckle/Brown (wicked)

IF (not that I think it would) these were to be our lines in two year I would see us as a solid team. Of course, it won't happen as DT will keep a few top vets in the line up rightly so and I would reckon that Ziggy and Straka will both be there. (Straka still has a couple of years) That is to say, there are those of us who are better at setting lines then I am as obvious by above but, we have significantly brilliant talent waiting. Could be a monster. I would also imagine that even if we don't offer Ally a deal that we will get some serious compensation for him as well. Could be deadly. I would like to see us move some dead weight to make room for our smart young players.

I also would question Andy on the way that he is continuing to handle our lads. Camm would still be with any team in the NHL right now. (or would have been when sent down). We need his scoring and after thinking on it, an attitude problem is something that can be worked through. Not a reason to send one down. Let the vets have at him for awhile. Same as with Gleason. He were playing brilliantly and then sent down doing his confidence no good and when called back up you could see him questioning his skills. I don't like the up down methods that Andy uses and the way that he worked Frolov in has been challenged by several NHL pundits as well.

Of course, Andy is a brilliant strategic coach and is getting great efforts out of his team, but, that doesn't mean that he does everything perfectly. Look at our PP and PK. He may not be the coach assigned to those area's but as the head coach it is his responsibility to assure they are working.
It is going to be an interesting thing to watch over the next month or so.

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