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03-02-2014, 02:29 AM
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Just way in over his head. I still think he's going to walk away after this season before his coaching reputation is permanently destroyed. He still acts like none of this is his or the coaching staff's fault.

He's just not a good enough coach to turn this thing around. He wasn't going to get buy in unless the team met with early success and wins and now the coaches think its the players fault while the players think its the coaches fault. Everybody needs to go.

A coach that comes in here has to meet with quick success if the players are ever going to respect him and buy in. Hard to believe we were in a playoff spot last year with krueger and now with better players than last year this team is playing and performing far worse. The whole staff needs to go this time. Eakins, Acton, all the assistants and Chabot. GTFO. There needs to be some changes in the scouting and development department as well. The organization as a whole has done a very poor job of getting these players to their full potential.

Players we have can turn it around here but they need a coach they can believe in and that truly believes in and respects them. I bet a lot of this team really regrets not playing harder for Ralph last year because the situation now is far worse.

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