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02-03-2004, 06:02 PM
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Are we No#1 in Prospects??

Which team can come as consistent as our when it comes to drafting, Ya senators were rivals until this point but they traded their two first round players last year which bring their stock bit down. I had a dream few years back which is to resemble Senators some day, and in just Four short years its delivered, I think we should give Our prospects lot of credit each prospect in our Organization brings something special. And when after everything is said and done many fans still just want to giveup this honour of being NO#1 for a rent player, I understand we need to bring size, but who will suffer as of right now top line players still developing in minors are Higgins, Perezhogin, Kostitsyn, Hossa, Balez, Hainsey, Plekanec, Komisarek, first rounder from this year what message do we send to this guys, though Senators did make some trades in beggining it wasn't until last year that they traded their top prospect, and it was only because they had chance to win at all, until then guys like Havlat got their chances to prove themselves, If this Organization wants to become accountable, those top prospects should be given first shot to make the team next year, before either trading or Signing any free agent, Our minor team with so much young talent is dominating for a reason and thats potential we are ozzing with lot of potential down there, and next year is the best time to give first glance at those guys, Guys remember this Ryder, Ward, Dagenais, Ribeiro weren't even considered elight talent last year, and with their resurgence, our true blue chippers are still left behind, Ya Ryder is good but this was the surprise no one expected, so with his resurgence what happens to other potential first liners, do we keep them in minors, especially guys like Hainsey whose clearly having very good season but has to wait another year for his chance, but if montreal was to trade for Gauthier as many people are speculating Hainsey won't get that chance next year either as gauthier replaces Quintal, while other five defencemen are set as of now for atleast next two years, My fear from all this is that we'll probably lose yet another Leclair just because not many chances were given at the time, Guys remember we are rebuilding and finding young gem is more important to us then getting yet another deadwood just like Chow, Mkcay, Audette, Savard plan was to give time window of atleast three years which we've got and benefited but now BG should follow that up with very good plan, and that is to let guys like Briseboise, Perrault and many other guys go through free agency, I'm not saying we should unload them but don't try to keep if its not required, we have too many blue chippers to think about and only way they get shot is if we let go veterans, and start building young core, I'm not saying we should have all prospect team, but Habs are special now in terms of quality of prospects we've got and we should take advantage of this.

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