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03-02-2014, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
I haven't seen any of the Hartford games--sometimes the highlights but one thing I wonder about with Fast is he doesn't put up a lot of shots. 50 shots in 32 games. I get the idea he doesn't shoot for the sake of shooting--that when he takes shots they tend to be more high quality as about 20% of them have wound up in the back of the net. Ideally a good forward in any league is going to get at least somewhere between 2 and 3 shots on goal a game. Fast is about at one and a half.
I'm perhaps his biggest fan, but I agree that this is an area where he can definitely improve. IMO, Fast is figuring it out in the same way that MZA has over the last couple of years. Firstly, he does need to add just a bit more strength so that he can fend off defenders for that extra half second that will allow him to get off more shots while covered, but you're right - the bigger factor is that he is definitely more wired to pass than to shoot (playing with JTM as his center for most of the year may have contributes to this tendency).

He also needs to play with more skilled players. Fast plays a speed, puck possession, passing game - when he's got Darrol Powe as his opposite wing who can't do much more than dump it in the corner and grind, not only is it failing to emphasize his strengths, it's actually working to neutralize them.

It's an issue where I think you'll continue to see progress. He's currently scoring at about a 0.67ppg pace. When the lineup was more balanced, he was at a PPG. If he's back with the Pack next year I'm fairly confident that'll increase to a PPG rate for the full year - and perhaps better if there's real talent around him.

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