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03-02-2014, 09:29 AM
Where's the Hart?
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Originally Posted by SoftDumps View Post
That's interesting. You didn't mention how he takes care of the puck/anything about his decision making with it, which is imo the most important aspect regarding hockey IQ. After all, the puck is kind of important in the context of playing hockey.

By all accounts I've heard he is pretty darn good playing without the puck, so I'm not worried re: chasing hits/positioning like you seem to be.

Anyways, I think he has the tools to be pretty awesome, it is his puck management as he transitions to pro that I will be keeping an eye on most closely. I hope he can put it all together.
I dunno I see it the other way, lots of guys are alright when they have the puck. But have no clue where to go when they don't. I'd put a premium on a player who knows where the puck is going and can anticipate the plays over a player who can dangle through the whole team. For defencemen I think guys with high hockey IQ's can do both to a certain degree they can move the puck and skate through players control the game and slow it down, but they can also anticipate plays and get to where the puck is going before it gets there. Guys I'd consider to have a high hockey IQ would be a guy like Doughty or Weber both can control the game and understand how it works, a guy with low hockey IQ is PK Subban he can play great with the puck but has a hard time once he loses it.

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