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Originally Posted by rboomercat90 View Post
Lol. One of the best Oilers of all time? He's had less impact than Petr Klima did. A good professional? He's shown no interest in a two way game until this year and even now isn't very good defensively and his offense has dried up. I agree with you that he is what he is and it was obvious to many outside of Oilers management exactly what that was years ago. He has nothing to complain about. He made millions of dollars here that he wouldn't of been able to make if he played else where. I predict he'll help the team he goes to about as much as Dubnyk has helped the Predators.

It isn't all his fault. He is a product of spending his career in a bad organization run by people who don't have a clue what they are doing. He's been ruined and at his age I don't think he comes back from it. He isn't alone, Gagner has suffered the same fate, maybe a move for him now can still save his career. It's hard to look at any of our young kids right now and not wonder if we'll be having a similar conversation about them a few years down the road.
Pretty good post.

Its an odd thing with Hemsky. I think people must be seduced by his silky moves and occasional ability to pull some fancy stuff out there. With him it seems he's all flair.

When other people are looking at the moves and going ahhhhh I'm looking at a player than manages to confuse opponents and team mates alike and who's play is an enigma to almost everybody he plays with. I see less syncing with Hemsky through the years than with any other topsix player in our lineup. I would say only Yak is comparable in being hard to figure out. But with Yak only being here a short time.

Fact of the matter is Hemsky is an ineffective player who just doesn't produce. That's who Hemsky is now.

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