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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Pretty good post.

Its an odd thing with Hemsky. I think people must be seduced by his silky moves and occasional ability to pull some fancy stuff out there. With him it seems he's all flair.

When other people are looking at the moves and going ahhhhh I'm looking at a player than manages to confuse opponents and team mates alike and who's play is an enigma to almost everybody he plays with. I see less syncing with Hemsky through the years than with any other topsix player in our lineup. I would say only Yak is comparable in being hard to figure out. But with Yak only being here a short time.

Fact of the matter is he's an ineffective player who just doesn't produce. That's who Hemsky is now.
Yep, that's definitely a big part of the problem. The sad thing is that management seems to have been mesmerized the same way as the fan base. How else do you explain the collection of one dimensional cream puffs? If you can put up points or beat a guy one on one with a fancy toe drag you're a good player in oil country.

Hemsky should have been sewered years ago. I see it playing out one of 2 ways. Hemsky plays in the next game or 2 and sustains a season ending injury and he walks in free agency. He gets traded for a 2 rounder. Once at his new team he flips on his compete switch, plays well for a handful of games before getting lit up and done for the season.

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