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03-02-2014, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by rboomercat90 View Post
Help me out here because I'm missing your point. You think Mac T is doing a great job and all the blame falls on Eakins yet you're praising Mac T for sticking with him. I don't get it. What or how is this going to get better?
Sorry after reading that I realize that it is confusing it is as I wrote it.

Firing Krueger was right. The faults in his system were well publicized, and his focus on special teams had no future for a playoff team. In hindsight, Eakins was not the right replacement. It's not a great move for MacT, but an understandable one. Doing a knee-jerk firing mid-season would only make it worse though.

Even if firing Eakins is a real option, MacT's got to put up a supportive face to the public to give him the best chance to figure this mess out.

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