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Originally Posted by hyster110 View Post
so the general idea is lets fire another coach. after everyone was begging for the oilers to stick with someone. wow how the flip flop is swift

how about we finally realize that we have bred a culture of apathy in the oilers room by firing coach after coach. we have told the players that "hey dont like the coach, perform bad and he will get fired" this lets the players completely off the hook. instead how about the team does the hard thing and get rid of its under performing players. let the players know that if they dont want to play their hardest, they wont be playing for this team. edmonton management has to stop being paralyzed that they will give away the best player. cause guess what, its not working with what we have now. if we have lose an eberle or a yak for someone who is a little less skilled but competes like a mother and and brings something different, i say do it.

peter chiarelli has stated multiple times that he looks for character guys above anything else. skaters that will do anything for the team. and that shows in how the bruins play. what do we have in edmonton. we have Nuge and hall getting in scrums, while petry and belov look to the sky and stay away. that is unacceptable.

its has to come to the realization that we need to start moving out player who wont play for the coach instead of trying to continually find the "right" coach for the players
I think good coaches don't grow on trees and you fire them until you find one who works with the team. Consistency is a poor excuse to keep around ineptness. You don't have to be the Bruins to win games in the NHL and you certainly don't need to convert each player into Bergerons.

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