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03-02-2014, 11:31 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR Viper View Post
When Callahans body starts to break down he will have to change his game. He is no longer a consistent physical presence. What are you left with? He doesn't have high end skill. He won't score a ton of goals or take over games and control the play. At 6 million and with Richards leaving he would be the 2nd highest paid forward on the team. Is he worth that? I don't think so.
And when he plays in a physical way, it is not of the real impact variety. I don't mean in the "get his own team going" kind of way. He can still do that. However, he doesn't have the body type or the mean streak and reckless disregard for other players to be a feared hitter like Dustin Brown or Lucic. Those guys are actually capable of getting opposing players off their game and physically knocking them out of games/series. Cally can't do that.

Then you compare their play-off offense and Sather's $6 mill. a year offer (same cap hit as Lucic and more than Brown) becomes even more irresponsible. Cally's much better defensively than Lucic, but you don't need to overpay for that in this league. At least not as much.

Bottom line is both guys have had way more play-off impact than Cally and he wants close to a million more in cap space. Sather's a fool to even go to 6. You're not winning a 7 game series allocating the same resources to inferior horses from the get go.

He has to trade him by this Wednesday even if the return is "only" futures.

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