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03-03-2014, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
I really wish I didn't enjoy hockey so much and could just stop following this joke of a franchise if that happens. What a joke. Callahan is a mediocre third liner who isn't even good in front of net anymore, which was really the only thing he was good at offensively. I'll be incensed if he's still a Ranger come next season. I said "come next season" and not "come March 5th" because if there's no market for him I'd be ok not trading him and letting him walk.
I think you're really going overboard here. He's a good 2nd liner/high end 3rd line guy even in a down season like this year. There's also no reason to think he won't be better next year and he has at least another 5 solid years left unless derailed by injuries. That's a risk though with every player.

Problem is even the 2012 Callahan is simply not worth $6 mill. in cap space, much less 7 to this team. Not even with the cap going up. We've seen what Cally is capable of at his peak in the play-offs and there simply isn't enough impact for that price level.

The other contracts on NYR make resigning him even sillier. Hank, Nash, Girardi, Richards or his outside replacement. Soon enough Staal, Stepan, and hopefully Brassard and Zuke. Too many expensive players who will either live up to their contracts or underperform by a few hundred k in a best case scenario. Not enough potential overperformers outside of McD. No impact ELC players on the horizon. They can't pay ~ $6 mill. to a 2nd line RW who doesn't create his own offense or bring size to the play-offs with the other present holes in the roster if they're serious about building a Cup winner in the next 5 years.

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