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02-03-2004, 08:15 PM
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Are You a Leaf Fan?

Originally Posted by Sk8r Boi
None of the guys you mentioned is playing in the NHL, except Komisarek occassionaly. What are you so excited about? Every other team in the league has at least one player on their roster from the past 3 or 4 drafts. Some have a handful.
Canadiens rank the worst in the league from that perspective. They totally wasted a premium pick on Linhart and it looks like they did even worse with Kostycin. I have my doubts that he will even be able to play in the NHL.
I can't believe what I just read! Wasted picks on Linhart and Katsitzsin? Do you follow the leagues overseas or not? If you did, you would notice that they are both developing quite nicely. As a matter of fact, they did just fine at the World Juniors playing for their respective countries. I think Savard has done a masterful job at the draft table since he has arrived. We are currently ranked #4 overall in the NHL. Not bad for a club that had a bare cupboard just a few short years ago. It is absurd what some fans post here writing off young guns who are only 18-20 years old. Contrary to your post, the Habs are doing just fine at the draft as our stock of fine, young prospects proves it, thank you! We have what must be considered the best front office in the entire NHL with Gainey, Savard, Gauthier and Timmins at the helm. We have one of the best young goalies in the league in Theodore who, at times, has been the best. We have a great young group of defencemen in Komisarek, Hainsey, Beauchemin, Markov, Korneev, Linhart, Kopikari, Flood, Archer among others. We have one of the best group of young forward prospects in Ribeiro, Hossa, Ward, Balej, Perezhogin, Plecanik, Katsyitzin, Burturlin, Ryder, Urquhart, Lambert, Stewart, Locke, Milroy, Ferland, Lapierre, Deveaux, etc, etc. We have a good group of goalie prospects in Halak, Purruula, Michaud, etc. We also have a solid core of vets in Zednik, Koivu, Souray, Brisebois, Bulis, etc who are all still very young. How anyone can be down on this team is beyond me. Listen, see the big picture here. We are climbing up the ladder again. Having the cup return home is not just an elusive dream anymore. There is light at the end of the hockey tunnel. I can't wait to see who Gainey and Savard are going to bring via trade and the draft this year.