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03-03-2014, 10:26 AM
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Whether Stan got fleece or not depends both on what Pirri achieves or does not achieve in Florida ANYhow successful or not we draft with these 2 picks...The good news is that the 2014 3rd rounded will be very early in that it is almost like a late 2nd anyway...

Also....if you look at our 2010 draft we had 4 second round picks..3 look like wasted picks.. They already gave up on Rensfeldt who is out of the org...Holly is a marginal man who is a longshot to advance to the NHL even if the Hawks offer home a contract...Simpson will never advance to the NHL and I doubt will still be in the AHL after his current contract expires...only Stephen Johns has a legitimately shot at making the show...and ironically he was the last of these second rounders. ..picked at if we can do as well with that early third from FLA, Stan could come out smelling roses...BTW...the 3rd round was excellent for us in the 201 draft...we got Dahlbeck and Paliotta..both will be good NHL players for us...Dahlbeck should get a roster spot nectar year and probably is on the 3rd pairing...Paliotta has blood offensive this year on a greatly improved Vermont squad and was always aconsidered a good physical mean defensive man who blocks shots. .but now with this unexpected offensive show he really has shone both ways this very happy with the development of these two men...So sometimes 3rd rounders work out better than second rounders anyway.

And maybe they pull out another Shaw in the 5th round of way to early to Saul whether Standard got fleece or even who wins the deal. Pirri could of course shine in a greater opportunity in Florida...but the point is he failed in his chances here and under the Q system.

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