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02-16-2007, 04:39 AM
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Originally Posted by dank View Post
btw, just saw the Dupuis goal and wow does that line ever have speed..

they look like a bunch of buzzing, annoying, speedy little mosquitoes (in a good way) that seem to create havoc and have a player on the puck at all times. wowza..
Dupuis had a good game.

On the negative side, I think he looked a little weak on the puck down low, I expect most of his production comes from the rush or just darting in on open ice. He doesn't seem to be good around the boards, he almost got hit really hard 3 times trying to make "strange" plays.

On the positive side, he made a couple of really smart headsup plays too, were he choose the safe option instead of challenging it and play with small marginals. Thats always good to see.

Whats driving that line aren't only their speed, they are really good at winning the puck back, which is a must since they loose it allot.

I were thinking about a Dupuis-Cullen-Prucha line before the game, but now I am not so hot on it. Basically every time they created pressure it came after Orts breaking up play/picking up loose pucks deep in the ice. I think the team are better of with the balance we got now, or with Petr in Pascals position.

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