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03-03-2014, 01:26 PM
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I guess I shouldn't be stunned at the overvaluing of a prospect here, but I kinda am.

Pirri, short term, is a better option than Handzus is but he obviously wasn't a long term solution in the organization's eyes, and I have to kind of agree with them. I think he'll be a solid NHL'er and like others who have moved this year, he needed an opportunity with another organization because obviously this one didn't see what they wanted to in him to keep him around.

As for the hand wringing, people are acting like a 19 year old, high first round pick was traded away for nothing. Pirri himself was two picks away from being a third rounder himself for crying out loud. They got a third in return from him, and it'll probably be a high third based on where Florida will fall, so you're essentially get a "restart" button as far as picking another player a similar position in the draft all over again. There's a nice amount of talent in that range in this upcoming draft, so they can get an excellent player. Not like they got a 6th rounder in return. Getting an additional pick in what's shaping up to be a very likely good draft in 2016 is nothing to scoff at, either. (Yes, it's a 5th, not like having even a 3rd but a middle round pick is still a valuable pick)This organization has shown to be pretty damn good at drafting, and to write off a third round pick as "nothing" or "giving him away" is just foolish and borderline hypocritical when the guy going the other way was, himself, nearly a third round pick. Especially when you compare what an established, 20-goal scoring in more than one season, highly contributing piece to a Stanley Cup winner Frolik brought in return, what were people expecting organizations to fork over for Pirri? I just don't get what people were expecting.

And for the record, I think it's a fine move for Florida. I wish him well there and hope he succeeds, it just clearly wasn't going to happen here and they got, what I feel, is a fair return for him.

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