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03-03-2014, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Persona5 View Post
If you sell you send a message to the team that management is giving up on the season.
Why would this be such a bad thing? Especially if it nets picks/prospects that will help out i nthe future. If anyone wants to get mad at that, so be it - this is a crap roster and odds are they'll be off it soon anyway.

Besides, the players know it's a business. I think it's generally accepted that teams that are not in contention sell at the deadline to collect assets that will help in the future.

By not selling, you're passing up on giving yourself a better chance for the next half decade just so you might collect a few more points in a season where everyone knows you're not going anywhere anyway.

The difference between the Pens picking Sidney Crosby and some other schmoe was 1 point. I'm pretty sure the pens would make that trade, crosby for 1 extra win 9 years ago, any day of the week.

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