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02-16-2007, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
In for a Penney in for a pound Dave? You also need to credit "The Edmonton Genius" for the Avery trade if you've not already done so

I agree with everything you listed. It's damn funny how things work out sometimes. If we have the opportunity to look back on this surge fondly, the turning points rest squarely with the Rangers deciding to play 60 mins. and moves that both Renney and Slats have made.
Obviously 'When did Renney turn into a genius' was facetious, but I feel it necessary to give the man credit where credit is due. Recently he's done what good coaches do, put his team in the best possible position to succeed. It's only three games, but it's been impressive.

Can he lead the team to playoff success? The jury is still out on that one, go back and read the threads from last April where a lot of people thought he mismanaged the Devil series. As my dad always used to say "We shall see what we shall see".

Regarding the Edmonton Genius, I think it's a little early to give him too much credit. Yes the Avery trade seems to have been EXACTLY what the Rangers needed, and Dupuis showed some things last night that hopefully will help down the road too.

I love what I've seen of Avery so far...everything he's done has been terrific. He seems to be involved in so much of the game, bugging the other team, creating scoring chances, occupying the goalie, etc. Makes you wonder why a team like the Kings would even think for one second about trading him...but they did.

The true test of the Avery trade (and Avery himself) will be what happens and how he handles himself when everything is not going quite so perfectly. When we lose again (yes, there will be more losses...just hopefully not as many as before!).

A GM is evaluated on a much more long-term basis than a coach, and despite some recent amazing success, long-term-wise Sather still isn't cutting it. But hopefully he's put the team on the right path with his recent moves, and his past moves will pay off big time in the long run too.

But there is just something about watching Zach Parise play well for the Devils that tempers your enthusiasm for Sather a little bit, no matter how well the Rangers are playing!

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