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03-03-2014, 09:08 PM
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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
It really sucks that I am typing this.

But I can only hold out hope that this is all some dog and pony show from Sather to stem the tide of negative public opinion from trading the Captain during a potential playoff run. "We budged but he was too unreasonable". Callahan's camp doing their part as well to fill the narrative. "We came way down but just couldn't leave THAT much on that table", knowing that Cally's heart was set on a huge Buffalo deal he knew would be there.

Of course, the most likely scenario is that the Rangers will not do ANYTHING to hamper this "playoff run" aka risk playoff revenue. Maybe sign, maybe hold & walk.
What's really strange is that supposedly Callahan softened on his demands prior to the Olympic break, but nothing was reported until today. The timing for all of this to leak out seems very strange to me. Part of me wonders if this means the talks have stalled once again, and that Callahan's camp leaked the numbers to try and say "Look how much we moved!"

Then again, the other part of me is just preparing for Sather to hand out another blank check to a FA.

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