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03-03-2014, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by AHB View Post
I don't want to trade guys for St. Louis. Callahan straight up, I guess, but I'd prefer we leveraged him for picks and prospects.

Bringing in a 39 year old, even like St. Louis, unless it's for nearly free, is stupid.

He's inevitably going to decline soon. I'd prefer not to see that happen in a Rangers uniform.

If he's cheap, sure. But i'm not trading assets for this guy. That's not how you build a winner. I've said it a thousand times and this weekend was further proof, we are not yet contenders and getting St. Louis, in my opinion, does not make us one.
Depends on who those guys are. Callahan, I want gone at all costs. I never thought I'd say that and it'd come to this, but the idea of re-signing Callahan longterm makes me want to hurl. St. Louis would be a big upgrade over Callahan, without the loss of the heart-and-soul intangibles and would make us instantly better.

And why will he inevitably decline? Because he's getting older? Well, he looks pretty good to me. Furthermore, he's a FA after next year so if he does, we can just let him walk.

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