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Originally Posted by Strik_IX View Post
Tell that to Daniel Brière and Mike Cammalleri to name just those two

As far as the offer is concerned I feel it's under what Subban can expect. Some people say he's not yet at "Doughty level" so he shouldn't get that type of deal. Let's not forget when Doughty signed that deal and at what level he was in his career. All signs point to Subban doing the same or better and we're looking at an increase in cap.

IMO it will be 8 years X 8M = 64M.
John Druce was pretty clutch that one time too . Players, especially goal scorers go through hot and cold streaks, sometimes they coincide with the playoffs, sometimes they don't. It's more luck and random variation than it is clutchness.

Expecting a palyer to outperform his regular season stats just becuase it's the playoffs is a recipe for disaster. The larger sample will always be more indicative of the player than the smaller one.

It's like BA with runners in scoring position, it's basically random. A meaningless statistic really.

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