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02-16-2007, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by AH View Post
Team990 this morning.

Actively looking vs actually doing something are way different things. If we somehow miraculously win the next three games, we will be back to square 1 and somehow under the impression that the team is back.

I will be furious if that happens.
Yup preety much exactly what i hope doesn't happen as well just squeaking into the playoffs yet again.. Ive asked this question before and am yet to get an awnser when the last time a 7 or 8 th seed has won the cup? I'm guessing in the modern era it's probably zero.. Perennially finishes 7 -11th year after year really gets you no where really just spinning the tires whithout actually moving.

7th 8th seeds don't win cups cause the have to play playoff hockey
just to squeeze in perhaps this is a reason why they never win in the end. Or perhaps its cause 7 8th seeds are lacking overall depth, never getting to draft top end talent. The top 10 picks are usually alot safer then anything outside the top 10.

I mean if we did happen to have a Patrick Roy, Marty bordeur, or roberto Luongo in goal I'd say lets just get in the playoffs and we'll see what happenes. Sorry folks we don't have any off these guys, nor do i think we are at all. the only thing the playoff would do for montreal is give some of our young guys more playoff exp.. ad of course help the oraganizations bottom line financialy which shouldn't be a concern anyhow. since we sell out almost every game regardless of the kind of team on the ice.

I see another 4 years of 7-11th place if we stand pat or add a highpriced vet to the lineup. clearly its a sellers market and it's the pefect time to do this.

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