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02-16-2007, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by MontrealHabs View Post
Guys, if we don't move Koivu off this team, we won't fix anything. He didn't do anything to save the three last coaches, which are now winning regularly with their respective teams. We always say our team lacks discipline, but what about the one who's supposed to show the example ? Koivu always lacked discipline, always took stupid and dump penalties at key times. He didn't started to do so this season. Where is the captain right now ? Where is the captain when we need him the most ? Did he say anything ? Did he do something on the ice ? We always blame Kovalev ( as matter of fact, he deserves it), but what about Koivu ? He's like theodore two years ago, he's a taboo. No journalists, no experts, no one is blaming him, which is sad because he's one of the reasons why the habs are always in that position if not the biggest reason. I am not saying that Koivu is a bad player, he's fast, has some skills, but he ain't suited for Captaincy. That is a fact, and the ones who aren't capable of admitting it are blinds... or maybe they don't want to touch the CH's taboo.
or it could mean that you have your own opinion and we have ours...

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