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Originally Posted by molsonmuscle360 View Post
Yeah, I don't understand Alberta's obsession with sprawl. You think Edmonton is bad, Fort Mac is wayyyyyyy worse. I live in basically the first area of town as you come in, it takes me damn near an hour to get all the way to the newer sections of town if I want to go visit a friend. It's insane.
Alberta's obsession?

What you have here is people from around the country moving here, working here and settling down in the burbs in increasingly outlying areas and don't really care where as long as they have a huge place, huge garage for all the toys etc.

The vast majority of people moving into the burbs and driving this market are newcomers to this market.

The trouble with a boom economy as always is it all happens so quick with limited controls in place that the sprawl is allowed.

Plus that anyplace in Canada that has a hot economy has sprawl. This is literally nothing to do with Alberta. Its simply a boom dynamic. Come here make tons of money and buy any stack of cards house anywhere that looks like it might stand up.

For the most part its not locals plunking down hard earned for this latest wave of overpriced garbage housing stock.

Latest ripoff just noted yesterday. Jackoff (Jagare) ridge, way the **** out of the city going for 250K lot. JUST THE LOT. lmfao. With virtually no feeder roads and only basic service. 20 yrs ago you could buy 10 acres for that price in that exact area. With most locals realizing it. Its tulipmania.

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