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Originally Posted by Pablo Aimar View Post
kris schultz ‏@ripper5505 Dec 31
If Yak gave the puck away like Ebs just did he wouldn’t see the ice unless it was in his vodka. Yet Ebs keeps getting tossed over the boards

kris schultz ‏@ripper5505 Nov 13
If you don’t play my way and the right way you won’t play” Dallas Eakins. Well guess what Dallas the kids are eating your lunch just like They did to all the other coaches they’ve had. If you punish Yak and call him out you better not look the other way when 4 and 14 mess up

Eakins is a total joke but I wonder if the directive to treat the golden boys with kid gloves comes from higher up?
I think Katz and his boyz have made it clear the kids are completely untouchable. Plus Katz is signing off on these nice fat long term contracts like he gave to his buddy Horc.

Regarding the tweets though, kind of ironic that the brother (think I saw that this was Nick's brother) of possibly the worst performer per dollar player on the team has so much negative stuff to say about everyone on the team, except Nick of course . That twitter account is gone now after all his crap tweets bashing almost the entire team were pulled up again for everyone to see.

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