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Originally Posted by Astaroth View Post
Great post as usual and finally some sanity on these boards.

Like I said before, when we were on fire, all our top guns were carrying the load without much support from anybody else. When our top guns started to tail off, nobdy picked up the slack except Plekanec. Worst of all is that none of our goalies have stolen us a game during this whole time; sometimes that's all you need to get the ball rolling.

I see alot of people *****ing about Koivu, saying how it's all his fault, he's overpaid and underacheiving. That we need to start in a new direction. As a Habs fan I shake my head because that's just ******** and everyone knows it. This guy was one of the best centers in the league until january; he just ran out of steam. Our team doesn't even one line this year ES, it was Koivu, Higgins and then kind of Kovalev. Everything else was our PP, PK and the goalies playing like walls. Eventually teams figured that out and just shutdown Koivu, played a more disciplined game and we stopped winning. Our breakout/transition has be also one of the worse in the league as mentionned; when you spend 3/4 of your shift defending against cycling in the defensive and zone and then just have enough breath to dump in, you're not gonna get many points.

As a devoted Koivu fan I laugh and kind of wish he was traded just like last year a part of me hoped for him to leave for UFA. This is guy's salary is market value, half the teams in the league would jump on this guy the moment he was available. He brings PPG (give him actual team, I garantee you at least that), solid two-way play, good faceoff skills, grit and yes leadership. He's one of the respected players through the league and was named to the IOC comittee for Athletes.

Our core is just too small and without enough support. The bad contracts taken on by Gainey don't help.

Good post...but there's alot of miscoceptions in there IMO

Koivu was one of the best centers in the league until January??

Not sure I agree with that...we had a red hot PP, and he was getting most of his points there, however, 5 on 5 he was putrid as the rest of our team was. I love Koivu as much as the next Habs fan, but let's call it like it is here.

Koivu is a solid player, a much, much better player than he's shown this entire year IMO...but maybe, just maybe...he's slowing down, Koivu may have never put up huge numbers, but he's usually always been a steady 2 way player...where has that part of his game gone?

Fact is, Gainey gave a slowly declining player an increase in salary, over a long period, based mostly on the fact that he's loved and is the face of this franchise....that's a recipe for cap disaster.

I'm a huge fan of the NFL & NBA, two leagues who've had salary caps for a while, and i've learned you can't be attached to players like you used to, you have to make anyone 'movable', unless their young players with potential.

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