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03-04-2014, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by mistrhanky View Post
Chapel -- in your comments about board work. When you are looking to create that separation on the boards, how much hand work is permissible? I am pretty sure I cannot fully extend my arms or outright shove(as the higher leagues blatantly do), but can I use a forearm to drive them off and then put my body into that space? In other words, where is the line betwee legal and illegal there?
Three basic points.

1.) Learn to establish a security perimeter within your arm span. Hint passive positioning and use of elbows is the main trick. Basically your elbows should not be travelling as fast as you are but out there for protection if others run into them.

2.) Leverage. Centrifugal force applied to hockey. You do not need to shove. On arcs or straight lines simply an extended arm holding your stick, lightly on the opponents hip will force them wide enough to get the edge you seek. If they resist, remove your arm normally and see what happens.Do the same with your free hand and chances are you will get called for holding.

3.) Forearms. Effective if used properly. Cannot be moving faster than your body. Shiver will get you a penalty, either elbowing or roughing. Properly raised become part of your security perimeter. Learn how to roll the opponent with your forearm along the boards upon contact.

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