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03-04-2014, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by ChiTownHawks View Post
It could be because almost no one on these boards plays professional hockey so looking for advice from a goon/enforcer is not necessary.

The most annoying guys in beer league are the ones that think being a goon/enforcer/agitator is a needed on a recreational team.
To me, the most annoying guys are the ones that make it useful to have a brute on the team. Without the fear of someone giving you a taste of your own medicine, some people simply don't know how to draw the line between playing the game and ruining it.

Plenty of times I've told people, politely as if insane, that I'd (use your imagination) if they didn't cut the crap. I've also extended the offer to entire benches as well, in case they figured they'd do something about it. So they believe I'll do pretty much what I tell them if I have to, and the game continues on nicely. If I don't do that, who knows what kind of BS goes on for the remainder. All the little guys want to act tough against all the other little guys for no reason and nobody is ever tough enough to make the others know they'll be sorry. Overall that's good, but it should (almost?) NEVER have to even come to that.

If I'm acting like a jerk and a guy I know who is a boxer or something tells me he's going to whoop me if I don't cut it out, I'm not going to test him. But I'm a very passive guy and am extremely nice to the point of often letting people abuse me to comical measures before I give them any sort of physical response. I don't even want to do that, I just want to play. Some people just want to let out aggression and can't take it up skill-wise, I guess.

Anecdote about how passive I can be: I remember a big football player once wanted to fight me and I wanted nothing of it. I let him pop me at least half a dozen times in the face before I finally got sick of it and dropped him with one of my own

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