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Originally Posted by mattkaminski15 View Post
So a buddy and I were arguing about which jr league is better to play in for college exposure and I just wanted to get your guyses opinions. My argument was that the USHL is better because its the only tier 1 jr league and the level of hockey is much higher than the NAHL. His argument was that the NAHL has more college exposure by basing teams in areas scouts often travel to (don't know the truth behind this) and that they have 2 major tournaments that scouts are all over. Who do you guys think is right and why?
I'm not a scout but I would say more scouts go to USHL. Think about it... USHL alum can be found and well represented on every NCAA team whether in the WCHA, Big Ten, ECAC or Hockey East. NAHL, not so much. NAHL generally sends kids to NCAA in the mid-west. You can argue "well the NAHL has mid-western based teams". Well so does the USHL and the USHL sends players all over the country. I would say USHL has better exposure better they have both eastern, central and western scouts while the NAHL only has central and western

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