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02-16-2007, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by mucker View Post
1) Were there a lot NYR fans? How many, what percent, would you estimate were NYR fans?
2) How were they, obnoxious?
3) How were they treated?
4) Was this the norm, or did we have more, less than normal?

On TV it was inconclusive. Sounded like we had some fans, I saw some jerseys, and it was more loud near the end of the game.

5) Do the Rangers bring more fans, did they, or normally than the Caps?
Do the Pens?
Which teams bring many fans, what is the normal percent, amount, or order?
There were maybe 1000 total of the 16000 plus/minus in attendance (17255 was the announced attendance). Lot of NY transplants around here. About the same as normal. As far as I know they were treated well. Tried to start Lets Go Rangers several times and managed to get one or two stanzas out before being overtaken by Lets go Canes. They were louder near the end, mainly because a lot of the home fans left and had nothing to cheer about. I'd say Pens bring most, Rangers close to same and further back Caps.

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