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02-03-2004, 11:25 PM
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The Habs have a real big problem with Hainsey, as far as I can see. There was a reason Dykhuis was brought up and not Ronnie-boy, and that's that Karl has been consistent all year, has worked his butt off, and is a team guy. Hainsey, on the other hand, whined on TV about his demotion and is known for being a slacker and a headcase.

WHile many of you are saying we should have patience, etc, regarding his development, and to a certain extent I'd agree, take a look at who's in control of the Habs and ask the question of him. Is Hansey a Bob Gainey-type player? Seems to me he's anything but.

He's got wonderful talent with the puck but not so much off it, he's a party-boy that no one can seem to get under control, he's an ego kid who thinks his demotion was undeserved...

Gainey has pulled two guys into the organization: Begin and Langdon. Both are hard working, tow the line kinda guys. Character players. Hainsey is a character - a lousy one. He needs to learn that he isn't the be-all and end-all of defensemen in hockey and that he doesn't have the *right* to be in the NHL because of his talent. He needs to earn it.

True, with time he could come around, grow up (let me emphasize that *GROW UP*) and become a really strong player for the Habs, but I doubt seriously that it'll be this year...or next. He's got a lot of maturing to do. This is going to be one of those players that is brought along very slowly in this organization.

And, as such, perhaps it's time to let him fly elsewhere. Maybe he'll make a team off the bat and become that player he's supposed to be. If we can get something really strong because of his potential, then brilliant. But personally, I'll take slightly lesser talent to get rid of these kinds of boneheads. Teams with *team* players succeed far more than the Rangers.


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