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02-04-2004, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsolution
Maybe I'm reading too much into this but it's two games over the last 3 now that Souray jumps in and fight for his captain -THE CAPTAIN OF THE HABS- when he gets abused. I personaly believe it's unnacceptable that crap like Focht and O'connell are mucking it up with our diminutive captain. Koivu sure can fends for himself but not with everyone. I can't believe people saying Souray falls for such lowball's tactics (sorry Guy!). Souray sticks up for his teamates as it should be. What I'm disapointed about is not the fact Souray fought, it's the fact he didn't tie up his jersey. But ... what I'm even more disapointed about is that Quintal doesn't fight in Souray's place. Last time I checked Souray is paired with Quintal. Quintal played well the week before this one and I don't want to get on his case but he's been bad the last week. He could at least fight to keep the habs best dman from being taken out of the game for long periods of time ? I think Quintal is not doing his job. What you fellow habs fans think ?
I think you hit the nail on the head. We all know this team is lacking an overall toughness, come gametime, and Quintal/Rivet are two of our biggest suspects.

Souray has refrained from fighting for some time, until the last week. Meanwhile, Quintal and Rivet refraine from all physical aspects of the game. The crease is not being cleared on a regular basis.

I'd like to see Komisarek establish himself as a physical presense again. I feel, his situation is holding him back. He does not know if he's staying, or going back to the AHL, so he's trying too hard to avoid making mistakes.

I'd like to see him play his game, but still stay within certain boundries. I'm certain if he stuck up for Koivu, or Theo, there would be more praise than critisism.

Quintal is incredibly soft for a big man. He just won't drop the gloves, minus the rare event. And, that's too bad because that's when he is most effective at his game. A big physical blueliner, who the opposition hates to play against.

Rivet hasn't been the same player since receiving his new salary. He should be stripped of the "A" if the proud tradition of the CH isn't enough to give a little bit more on a nightly basis.

I hate to sound like Barry Melrose, but this team is still too easy to compete with. However, on paper, it shouldn't be. They have to get a tad nastier in the defensive zone, and back each other up a little more.

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