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02-04-2004, 03:21 AM
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Originally Posted by habsfan4life
Ruin his career? how so? more like... MAKE HIS CAREER!

He's gotta start somewhere and that somewhere is under the wing of Jose with the great goaltending coaches in the province of Quebec and with the Montreal Canadiens.

We aren't ruining his career by keeping him in the no.2 role for the forseeable future, we are making the Habs a better team and him a better player.

If Garon continues progressing, Montreal wont be able to afford keeping him and Theodore and no.1 and no.2 ... whether he can increase his value that much is purely in his hands now.

If Theo goes down with an injury, Garon could be the next five million man... that's how Theodore got his chance to earn seven digits!

yes but by the time we keep him he will always be a #2
so if i look at the future tha you want to keep him forever
so he will be #1 at what 32-35 yrs old

how pathetic to start a #1 career at 32-35yrs old
after that between 5-8 yrs beeing #1

it sucks as a career
look at all the #1 the have play at least more then 10 yrs at #1

and you want garon to play less then 8yrs at #1

the guy as the potential. i would trade him so he can have his chance at beeing #1 before its to late

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