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Originally Posted by QuebecPride View Post
Let's not get ahead of ourselves. There's a huge step between the 'Q and the NHL. Talent alone doesn't make one ready for the NHL. The Grigorenko mess is an example of that.

One more thing about him. As time goes by, it is now pretty obvious that the maritime division (teams against who Ehlers plays/played the most) is a terrible division, and that only Halifax has a good team in that said division. You can't take away the huge amount of points Ehlers has produced, but one can question the quality of competition he has to face on most nights. Would he have as many points in another division? Probably not. Would he have as many points if he wasn't playing on the same team as Drouin? True that they don't currently play on the same line 5on5 and their PP is a disappointment for the talent they ice, but Drouin is certainly a factor.

Drouin gets the toughest matchup 5on5, and that gives more room for Ehlers to produce. It's great to see him use that advantage to produce at a terrific rate I can't say otherwise. But I think we need to look at the bigger picture. Guys like Audette and Barbashev don't play against the 2nd pairing of their opponents, and they don't play with Drouin(as talented as Tkachev is, he's not Drouin). I think both Audette and Barbashev would have improved offensive numbers with Halifax. It's debatable whether they could actually produce as much as the Danish.

It's also true that after the trade deadline, the maritime division got worse, especially in Charlottetown's case, but it still wasn't very good to begin with.

I like Ehlers and think he's a top talent in this draft, but I also think we have to take those facts(Drouin/division) into consideration when looking at his stats. The fact remains though that he's a dominant player this year in the 'Q, no matter who he faces.
Well the fact that Ehlers outshines Drouin on most nights and does not play with him, but does get tough matchups should disprove that

Also, last year Drouin got most of his points against the bottom 6 teams, did that make him worse, no?

Ehlers is not ready for the NHL though.
And the Q is not the strongest league.

But he is a Rookie, and it is his first season on big ice, and he is a small player who plays bigger than he is.
He is league leading +60 and league leading in SH with 7.

It can be said he has played 18 games in the Swiss mens league at age 16 with no problems. and he was not a minus player.

My point is, there are always factors on both sides one needs to take into consideration.

This said, I still think Ehlers will just crack the top 10.

"Nikolaj Ehlers is a name to watch come draft day. Having amazing rookie season, not riding teammate J. Drouin's coattails either"

From DobberProspects - Twitter

And yes, I get to watch Ehlers a lot.

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