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02-04-2004, 05:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsolument
here we go, the 2nd coming pup and Bo. You don't know much about Kastsitsyn(Or you can write it Kostitsyn not Kosticyn). AK is playing 4th line on a full CSKA lineup, same as what Zherdev did. BTW we may not be 1rst for prospects but we are still #4 on HF list. I think we have both depth and top-end talent. Most of the guys Habs4ever mentionned are young(18 to 22) and the organisation's new mentality is to be patient with them. We also have 3 players from the 98 draft (5 years ago) with the team, 1 from the 2001(Komi) and we had Balej(00) and Plekanec(01) not so long ago.
I agree totally with this perspective.

Keep this in mind as well. With the talent the Habs have on thier team (and many other teams in the league as well) they are afforded the opportunity to bring these players along more slowly than say, my Pens. If we are talking about the 99 draft, the Pens have 4 players from that draft playing full time (all of them rookies) in Caron,Kostopolous,Malone and Koltsov. All of these players look to have a solid shot of having a good NHL career, yet the thing is, most of these players are still young and would benefit both themselves and the team if they were able to spend another year or two in the minors.
Montreal is able to do that right now. Therefor they are leaving some of them down thier, which shouldn't be used as an indicator as to thier potential for success in the NHL.
They are there because they CAN be there and not hurt the orginization in any way.
The Pens, for the most part, have these same players, playing out of neccesity. While they have aquitted themselves well, they are four rookies (with Orpik,Fluery,Surovy and even players like Meloche,Fata,Focht and Abid rookie types). Your team would not benefit playing this amount of rookies. They have a solid team right now and there is no need to rush the players in Montreal like there is in Pitt.
Don't judge them because they are still in the minors, because your team is in a position of letting them continue to develop down there, and in no way should be taken as an indicator of a players worth at THIS moment.

That said, I think the Habs have a great group of prospects. Not the best mind you (my opinion) but great none the less.

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