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03-05-2014, 10:13 AM
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What is the size difference between your old and new skates, specifically did you move up or down in holder/blade size?

I know for a fact that it can be very awkward at first when adjusting to a shorter or longer blade. (generally when going from a longer blade to shorter blade you will feel like you are toe-diving too much and going from shorter to longer you will feel much more on your heels generally speaking from what i have personally experienced)

Also if your old skates had the steel sharpened down really low the shape and height of the steel is much different than on a brand new set of steel, even if the holders are the same size.

One of these are most likely the cause of your problems.

Personally i have gotten to the point that whatever skate boot i use i just get my holder/steel of choice put on them (which for me personally is the CCM E-Pro size 271, simply because over the years i have become very used to it). So even on my current easton S17 skates which come stock with a size 263 Easton Razorblades holder/steel, i have had them mounted up with my 271 Epro, making the transition to those skates much less awkward. That is just my personal preference though, every one is different.

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